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Istanbul travel | Turkey – Lonely Planet

Istanbul fade | Turkey – Lonely Planet

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Tour description

Taste the very best of Istanbul’s local snack food on this delectable private food tour. Explore the Spice Bazaar and meet cross traders who will reveal their treasure trove of local delicacies. Stock up on goodies from markets and street stalls, take the ferry to Asia, and stroll downward the waterfront. Enjoy tea and Turkish delights at what time checking out a view of the eminent Maiden’s Tower.

This tour is priced for a minimum companionship size of two travellers. A solo traveller may smooth book this private experience but will be charged the base rate for two travellers.

Experience the best depart stories for yourself. Join a local power and uncover hidden gems on this city adventure hand-picked by the world’s leading depart publisher. Lonely Planet Experiences powered by Urban Adventures bring stories to life in the best-loved cities near the globe.

We launch our private Istanbul food tour in front of the impressive Spice Bazaar. We’ll high-tail the perimeter of the bazaar and taste pastirma (Turkish dried beef), local cheeses, and Turkish appetizing from the shops of the long-established sweet makers.

As we high-tail on this Istanbul markets tour, our local guide will be buying foods to sample and treats to take with us on our high-tail to Asia.  Depending on the season, you may be sampling approximately different local foods, including fresh nuts, pastirma, halva, olives, dilapidated Turkish cheeses, and simit.

After leaving the market, we’ll take the ferry to Üsküdar and appetizing a stroll along the waterfront, stopping at a local tea spot for view of the Maiden’s Tower and the Bosphorus. indulge in tea and a Turkish delight and learn near popular foods and traditions in Turkey.

Afterwards we in backward by metro to the port of Eminönü, where our clue will offer recommendations for the evening or back you with getting back to your hotel.

Following unique safety incidents we recommend that you check your government’s advice for their novel information on travelling in Turkey before your departure and fated that your travel insurance covers you for all areas of your itinerary. We have links to prominent government depart advisories and regular updates on issues affecting this trip on our Travel Alerts page – 

This tour is priced for a minimum business size of two travellers. A solo traveller may mild book this private experience but will be charged the base rate for two travellers.

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